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Jumpstart your weight loss
Nutritionist designed Arabic cuisine meal plans

weight loss plan for athletes


Jumpstart your weight loss
Nutritionist designed Arabic cuisine meal plans

Lose Weight’s Program Benefits & How Your Weight Loss Works

Lose Weight meal plans are proven for healthy, long lasting weight loss. Each program is calorie and portion controlled. Calorie control is one of the recommended solutions for long term weight loss by government agencies globally. Maintaining a healthy calorie intake is the secret to transforming your body and revitalizing your health.

The arabic inspired menu is carefully portion controlled so you enjoy all your favorite foods but created with healthy ingredients. This is NOT a starvation diet! Your portions are reduced from your normal intake, but our nutritionists created each dish to contain the correct amount of calories and macros for your body to have maximum energy and effective long-term weight loss.

During your free nutritionist consultation, we will help you assess what is the optimum calories target for you to reach your weight loss goals.


Why Lose Weight’s programs?

UAE has a variety of weight loss meal plans available and you could also create your own meal plans at home. However, our meal plans help to transform your life and reach your weight loss goals.

  • Precision calorie and macros controlled portions - you don’t have to figure out the math!
  • Freshly cooked meals - all prepared the same day as your delivery across the UAE.
  • Save time & easy for the busy person - we make it super convenient for you just to reach for your meal in the fridge and heat it up.
  • Delicious Arabic & Mediterrean cuisine - home style cooking in portion controlled meals
  • No grocery shopping - with the pandemic and busy lifestyles no one has time anymore to make it to the store.
  • Save money - carefully priced menus and cheaper than shopping for unused food each month at the grocery!

Create Your Program

After your checkout and prior to starting your program, your nutritionist will be in touch to confirm your customized menu and make any adjustments to your plan.

*48 hour pre-order required

Select Delivery Slot

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Refundable Cooler Bag & Ice pack Deposit

Your health is our priority. We cannot cater to serve allergies. However, we can accomodate some food preferences.
*Don’t worry we will not wake you up! The insulated cooler bag is left at your directed location for when you wake up.

Not sure which plan will give you optimum weight loss?

Or, which plan will help with your health goals?

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Success Stories

  • I was scared to try a new weight loss program. I’ve tried all of them in UAE. Lose Weight’s meals surprised me! All my favorite food and such creative healthy swaps - keto chicken musskhan, fish saloona with brown rice, and healthy mezza for breakfast. Felt always full and reached my weight loss goal of 5.5 kg so quickly..

    Latifa Ali *5.5 KG weight loss achieved
  • Lose Weight team made reaching my weight loss goals so easy. The meals arrived on time in the cooler bag. Felt the meat was fresh, and the tasty meals had a similar flavor to our home cooking - vegetable tagine, molokhia, and Zaatar crusted chicken. The portion controlled meals made it easy for me to focus on taking care of my new baby and lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy.

    Aysha Sagr * 11.7 KG weight loss achieved
  • I have struggled with weight loss since university days. Lose Weight was the first program to help me keep off the weight over the long term while I am busy working. With the pandemic, I found it harder to stay on track while working from home and my exercise reduced. Lose Weight’s meals kept it easy to balance my work at home and keep reducing the weight till I reached my long term goals of 25 kg lost.

    Ahmed Tariq *25 KG weight loss achieved