Keto Meal Plans

Customized keto Arabic cuisine meal plans
designed by our in-house nutritionists and chefs

Keto Meal Plans

Customized keto Arabic cuisine meal plans
designed by our in-house nutritionists and chefs

How does the Keto Meal Plan Work?

You no longer have to face the fear of missing out on your beloved rice with your biryani or dipping that perfect thin Arabic bread into your Mezza. When you subscribe to a Lose Weight Keto Meal Plan, our chefs will create a perfectly healthy and customized version of the meal plan just for you. Switching to a ketogenic diet can feel overwhelming but it doesn't have to be a difficult process.

Our nutritionists carefully create portion-controlled meals along with the chef's creative Keto dishes to ensure you don’t compromise on your taste while achieving your weight loss goals.

Benefits of a Keto Diet:

  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Cleanses your Gut
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Improves PCOS symptoms
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Why Choose Lose Weight's Keto Meal Plans?

Lose Weight’s Keto Meal Plan is a low-carb, high-protein meal plan including calorie counted dishes. Following a structured keto meal plan without the guidance of a nutritionist can be quite challenging as you need to constantly monitor the number of calorie intake on a daily basis. The last thing you want to worry about during your journey to lose weight is deciding which items to buy while grocery shopping or worrying about your next meal.

Why don’t you leave the worrying to us and let our inhouse nutritionists create a customized meal plan based on your requirements. Get ready to enjoy the convenience of ready-to-eat meals made with fresh ingredients, when you sign up for a Lose Weight’s Keto Meal Plan.

  • Ready-to-eat
  • Made with fresh ingredients
  • Calorie-counted dishes
  • No grocery shopping needed
  • Free consultation with nutritionist
  • Save time & money
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1300 - 1600

  • C- 15g - 25g
  • P- 80g - 110g
  • F- 90g - 110g



  • C- 15g - 25g
  • P- 80g - 110g
  • F- 110g - 140g


1600 - 1900

  • C- 20 - 30g
  • P-90g - 120g
  • F- 120g - 150g



  • C- 10g - 20g
  • P- 60g - 80g
  • F- 60g - 90g


1100 - 1400

  • C- 15g - 20g
  • P- 60g - 90g
  • F- 8g - 100g


1300 - 1600

  • C- 15g - 25g
  • P- 80g-110g
  • F- 90 - 110g


700 - 900

  • C- 10g - 20g
  • P- 40g - 60g
  • F- 50g - 70g


800 - 1000

  • C- 10g - 20g
  • P- 50g - 70g
  • F- 60g - 80g


900 - 1200

  • C- 15g - 25g
  • P- 60 - 80g
  • F- 70g - 90g

Create Your Meal Plan

After your checkout and prior to starting your program, your nutritionist will be in touch to confirm your customized menu and make any adjustments to your plan.

+ 180 AED

Refundable Cooler Bag & Ice pack Deposit

Your health is our priority. We cannot cater to serve allergies. However, we can accomodate some food preferences. *Don’t worry we will not wake you up! The insulated cooler bag is left at your directed location for when you wake up.

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Book a free phone consultation with our Nutritionists
Book a free phone consultation with our Nutritionists